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What is Gravil?

Gravil provides a comprehensive, cannabis-centric community and marketplace that provides travel solutions for adult travelers planning adventures to cannabis-friendly destinations and exposure for property owners and businesses that support cannabis culture.


How Does Gravil Work?

1. First, create your User Profile.

2. Next, browse through private property, bed & breakfast, independent & boutique hotel, cannabis-friendly business, event, and blog listings in the state that you are planning on traveling to.

3. Then, book a place to stay and discover local businesses to support while traveling.

4. Finally, enjoy your adventure!

Have a place you would like to list on Gravil? That’s great, just access your User Dashboard and list your property, business, event, or Blog now!


How does Gravil confirm the identity and/or age of the users?

When an individual logs into Gravil’s website for the first time and performs a function such as booking a room, they are prompted to sign up and create a user profile. As a means for identity confirmation, the individual can choose to create their profile by logging in via an existing social media account and/or existing email account. At this point, the individual’s information will be placed into their new Gravil user profile. Once the Gravil user account is created, a list, known as the “User Verification Steplist” is displayed within the user’s profile. This Verification Steplist will display which method a user chose to create a Gravil user account. A Gravil user can choose to link as many outside, social media accounts as they wish to their Gravil user profile, all of which will display on their Verification Step-list. The step list serves as a means for a host to verify the identity of any Gravil user that is requesting a property booking. Furthermore, as Gravil strictly forbids anyone under the age of 21 to book a property through the site’s services, this verification serves as an additional measure to ensure that all users are of proper age when creating a user profile.


How is My Information on Gravil Secured?

Gravil’s website takes advantage of the highest levels of SSL, DNS, and Sitelock technologies available. And through our exclusive, secure payment gateway, Gravil ensures that your information is protected to the fullest and your money is paid out to you, 24 hours after your Guest checks in.



What is Gravil’s Guest Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Gravil operates on a marketplace platform that relies on Guests and Hosts coming together and honoring their scheduled arrangements. However, of course stuff happens. Therefore Gravil has a policy that attempts to protect the best interests of the Guest and Host alike.

Cancellation and Refund policy for Guests who booked a Private Property

Guest is eligible to receive 100% refund within 24 hours of check-in only under the following circumstances: (1) the host fails to provide access to the listing booked, (2) the listing booked is misrepresented or lacks in promised amenities or items, (3) the listing is not generally clean or as described, (4) an unforeseen travel issue arises as defined in the Guest Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event that any of these scenarios occur, Guest is to not accept the reservation and is to not stay in the property. Guest has 24 hours to submit a claim to Gravil.


Cancellation and Refund policy for Guests who booked a Hotel

Guest cancellations and refunds are subject to the individual policies of the hosting Hotel. Please check with the particular host Hotel in which you are booking to determine each individual policy.


What is Gravil’s Host Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Gravil operates on a marketplace platform that relies on Guests and Hosts coming together and honoring their scheduled arrangements. However, of course stuff happens. Therefore Gravil has a policy that attempts to protect the best interests of the Guest and Host alike.

Cancellation and Refund policy for private property Hosts who have a confirmed booking

Host can cancel any listing up to the reservation’s check-in time, with the Guest receiving 100% refund. However property will remain blocked out and unbookable for the duration of the scheduled booking term. Cancellation will appear on Host’s User AND property Listing Profile. If listing is cancelled during an active booking, Guest will receive a full refund for every night not stayed in the Host’s property.

If you wish to view the policy in it’s entirety, please reference the Guest Cancellation and Refund Policy


What is Gravil’s Host Guarantee Coverage Plan?

The act of one person allowing another into their home is one of the greatest gestures of kindness an individual can bestow. Guests, please be respectful of the hotel and/or private rental property in addition to other guests’ personal freedoms and privacy.

Gravil has enacted measures to help ensure that as a Host, your personal property is covered in the event of an accident. Under Gravil’s Host Guarantee Coverage Plan, your Covered Property is guaranteed up to $1,000,000.00. Host must have an active homeowner’s insurance policy, and Gravil will provide secondary insurance up to the Host’s existing policy and up to a maximum of $1,000,000.

If you wish to view the policy in it’s entirety, please reference the Host Guarantee Coverage Plan.


What is Gravil’s Privacy Policy?

Gravil believes in protecting your privacy. We will never sell, trade or exploit your private information.

However, given that we are a marketplace platform that connects you to travel resources, there are special occasions that we may need to share your information with individuals who fulfill your travel reservations.

These include: Hotels, private property owners, car rental companies, and/or activity providers. We will only share your information with these suppliers if needed it to fulfill a travel reservation you have made on, and we restrict their use of this information to that purpose.

If you wish to view the policy in it’s entirety, please reference the Privacy Policy.



Can I Legally Consume Cannabis in my Listing Booked Through Gravil?

Marijuana laws are regulated and enforced at the state level, so it is up to individual states to determine official policy regarding consumption. States forbid open consumption in public, yet most states allow hotels and private rental properties to determine whether to allow guests to consume cannabis on premises.

Gravil strives to provide current, up-to-date and responsible information regarding state-by-state policy. However, we urge all travelers to ensure that all of their activities are consistent with the laws within the area they are traveling to.

Please keep in mind that a hotel and/or private rental property acknowledging legal cannabis and choosing to list on Gravil does not directly translate to freely allowing onsite consumption. It is common for a property or business listed on Gravil to not allow on-site consumption. As a Gravil user, if you have listed a property on Gravil, at anytime you can manage your property’s rules and policies. A guest will be able to view your property’s profile and learn if you choose to allow on-site consumption or not. On-site consumption may mean vaporizing and/or edibles only as to stay in-line with your property’s non-smoking policies, and mind the privacy and satisfaction of your other guests. As a guest, please reference each listing’s individual policy and rules. If you wish to view your state’s current laws, please reference the Cannabis Tourism 101 Page.


Does Gravil provide any “perks” for guests, included with the room rental?

Gravil is built upon community. We take great joy in providing a site that empowers its users to come together under the common theme of responsible cannabis use. Gravil also strives to be your one-stop, fully comprehensive travel resource. Therefore, when traveling to a destination featured within Gravil, upon booking a property, you will be emailed special deals and coupons for businesses in and around the area you are traveling to. This is a great way for you as the traveler to get out, explore, and support the businesses that support you. However, as to mind responsible usage, Gravil does not provide any additional, “in-room perks” on behalf of our partnering businesses at this time.


Is there a fee to sign up?

Gravil is, and will always completely free to join. Anyone over the age of 21 can sign in, create a Gravil user profile at no charge. It is completely free for a Gravil user to list a private property residence, independent/boutique hotel, bed & breakfast, yacht, teepee, treehouse, yurt, sand castle, and/or any other owned space for purposes of lodging. It is also completely free for a Gravil user to list a business and/or event on the site.



What are the fees that Gravil charge?

Gravil is and will always be free to join. However, Gravil needs to keep the lights on so we can keep providing you with a world-class travel resource. As a Gravil user, you decide on the listing price of your property. For property bookings, all fees are charged only in the case of a successful booking. For private property, B&B, and vacation type residences, Gravil charges the host 3% and the Guest 12%. For hotels and properties with a central reservation system (CRS), Gravil charges 18% of the booking to the hotel and nothing to the guest. As an additional service, at anytime a Gravil user can choose to take advantage of boosting a property, business, and/or event listing to a Gravil Featured Listing. In this case, gravil charges a per-month, or discounted yearly-subscription fee to the user. Gravil Featured Listings benefit from:


Can I use other travel/listing sites as well?

As a property owner, you have a number of options when it comes to listing your property. Gravil feels that you should be free to use any means that you feel fits your specific needs and goals. That could mean listing your property on multiple sites -Gravil included- or just Gravil. However, think of Gravil as an extended marketing channel for your property. All of the work that we put into marketing Gravil directly serves in getting your property booked. We take great care in our marketing efforts, positioning Gravil towards a responsible cannabis culture and away from negative stereotypes. Properties associated with the platform will reflect accordingly. By listing on Gravil you can take pride in knowing that you are exploring a culture and supporting a movement. In addition, with Gravil’s Host Guarantee Coverage Plan, which can cover your property up to $1,000,000.00, you can rest comfortably knowing your bases are covered in the event of the unforeseen.